Meet Our Owner and Founder: Vance Walker

Vance Walker

Radon Management of Kentucky, Inc. was started in 1986 by Vance Walker, who was trained by US EPA Senior Scientists A.B. Craig and Paul Wagner. This training program was part of the US Environmental Protection Agency's radon proficiency program which preceded today's NEHA and NRSB certification programs.

In 1992, Vance was invited as a panel member for the Louisville and Jefferson County board of health's radon action committee. This panel discussion included The American Lung Association, the Kentucky Medical Association, the Mayor's Office, and various other health agencies.

Vance Walker has personally mitigated over 3000 homes as well as dozens of apartments and multi-story buildings. Other successful projects were completed for the following organizations: US General Accounting Office US General Admin. Services US Army at Fort Knox US Army Corp of the Engineers University of Louisville.

All work is in adherence with KRS 211.9101 to 211.9135. We are in compliance with state laws and have proper certification: Mitigation Certification NRPT #100498-RMS. Testing Certification NRPT #100501-RMP.